The average age of participants determines the age group. This average must include all dancers appearing on stage anytime during a number. When an average age ends in a decimal point, it will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Names, ages and birth dates of all contestants must appear in the registration or it will not be accepted. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age to competition director should a question arise. Failure to do so can result in disqualification and forfeiture of award. Proof of age must be available at every competition.  All ages are set as of December 31st  for each competition. If a duet/trio or group has any changes of dancers between Regional and National, Ticket To Broadway will re-average the age with the new performer(s) and they must compete at the new average at Nationals.



A routine will be placed in the level that reflects 50% or over of the dancers’ levels in that routine.

*Judges reserve the right to bump an entry to it's appropriate level.







Each entry will receive a total of 300 possible points. There will be three judges at each competition. Each judge will give each entry a score out of a possible 100 points. Their three scores will be added together for a total score to present each entry with an adjudicated medal. Novice and Intermediate Levels cannot receive a Perfect Platinum adjudication. Overall Placement is determined by the adjudicated total score.

All participants in a Ticket To Broadway Regional competition in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Levels qualify for our National competition. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Ticket To Broadway directors on the day of the competition. No protest of score or age will be accepted after the day of the competition. Only studio directors can state a protest. Contestants will be judged by a panel of qualified judges and all entrants agree that the time, manner and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of Ticket To Broadway; and that all decisions of the judges are final.



Exceeding time limits will be subject to a 5 point deduction. Studio Directors please contact us for information on extended time options.




Adjudication is based solely on the final score. Each group entry will receive one trophy for its adjudicated medal standing. Each dancer in the group will receive an adjudication pin. Each dancer with a solo and/or duet/trio entry will receive an adjudication medal. 


If there are more than three entries in a category, the entries will be awarded first, second and third place in each category.



The top-scoring routines will be recognized in each division as "Overall Nominees". The number of "Overall Nominees" announced will be determined by the number of entries in each division and level. The "Overall Winner" (highest scoring routine) will be awarded a cash prize as shown below. Plates are given to our overall placement Nominees and Winners.

Note: Solo and Duet/Trio divisions must have at least 10 entries in order for cash prizes to be awarded. All group divisions (including Super Groups) must have at least 10 entries in order for cash prizes or TTB Cash to be awarded. All Cash & TTB Cash will be mailed to the studio director after the event.

The Golden Ticket To Broadway Award will be awarded to one studio at each of our Regional Competitions and Nationals. The award will be decided by total studio score calculated by combining the top five highest scoring routines from each studio. These routines do not include Solos, Duets/Trios or any Adult Routines. The studio with the highest accumulated score will receive the Golden Ticket To Broadway, along with a cash prize at Regionals and Nationals.

Note: The event must be hosting over 200 entries in order for a cash prize to be given.




The highest scoring routine in 12 & Under Solo, 12 & Under Groups, 13 & Over Solo and 13 & Over Groups will receive the Top Billing Award.  Winning routine(s) will receive a trophy at each Regionals and a trophy along with a cash prize at Nationals.

Note: The event must be hosting over 200 entries in order for a cash prize to be given.


Judges' awards will be presented to standout routines throughout the weekend based on extraordinary attributes to a dance. Judges' awards are not based on adjudicated scores. These awards include Best Choreography, Best Technique, Best Costume, Best Performance, Dance To Inspire and Excellence In The Wings. A banner will be rewarded to each.





Note: All cash prizes are awarded to the studio director. Only Advanced level routines are eligible for cash prizes. Novice and Intermediate Level routines are eligible for TTB Cash.




Music must be edited before the event. Our staff is not capable of making music edits or alterations on site. Music containing inappropriate lyrics will be subject to disqualification. Music must be uploaded 72 hours prior to the start of an event. All music must be uploaded to our system prior to the competition. You must be able to provide a backup of each song on a USB, iPod or iPad. Studio owners/directors should have two backup copies of music. TTB does not allow any outside microphones. We can provide one wired or wireless microphone for usage during an entry.


Fire, swords, knives or live animals on stage are prohibited. Props are allowed, however, special scenery, special lighting, smoke or electrical devices may not be used.  Contestants are responsible for getting props on and off stage as quickly as possible. Do not leave props backstage. Inability to follow prop rules may result in a 5 point deduction.



All competitors, studio owners, family members and audience members are required to be respectful and courteous at all times. We promise a healthy competitive environment for each dancer that performs at Ticket To Broadway. We reserve the right to remove anyone from an event if we feel he/she is hindering the achievement of our goal as an organization. No air horns, bells, whistles, chanting, etc. allowed. 


Studio Directors, please contact us for discount information!

All competition fees must be received in full, 30 days before the start of the competition. Entries submitted after such time may not be eligible for the event. Payments must be made by credit card, certified check or money order after the 30 day mark. Personal check will only be accepted 30 days or more prior to the event. Studio credits are applicable at all Ticket To Broadway events (excluding deposits). Studio credits must be used by the studio they were awarded to.

Studio directors must contact us for information on entry fees. Entry fees must be postmarked 30 days before a competition date. Entries postmarked after that date must be sent express mail or faxed to our office with a money order or cashier's check (original form must be mailed stating that it had been faxed). Entries are limited by the amount of performance time available. Entries are non refundable. Ticket To Broadway reserves the right to cancel any competition. In that event, all entry fees for that competition will be refunded or transferred to another competition.

There will be a service charge of $40.00 for any check returned by a bank. After a check has been returned by a bank, all future entries or purchases must be made by money order or cashier's check. If payment has not been received on a returned check by the competition date, the contestant will not be allowed to perform. 






The Callback will take place on the last day of Nationals. In the Novice Level, the five top scoring routines will compete again for the Novice Level Callback Champion. In the Intermediate Level, the five top scoring routines will compete again for the Intermediate Level Callback Champion. The Novice and Intermediate Level will receive a trophy and TTB Cash. In the Advanced Level, the three top scoring routines in each division and age group will be invited to The Callback where they will dance again to compete to become The 12 & Under Callback Champion and The 13 & Over Callback Champion. There must be a minimum of five routines in each division and age group to be selected for The Callback. These routines will compete before a panel of judges who will deliberate to choose the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and winner of the 12 & under routines and 13 & over routines. Scoring from the regular competition will not count against these results. This decision is strictly judge's choice. The Callback Champion will win a trophy, along with a cash prize. Ticket To Broadway will retain ALL music until the completion of the National Competition. If for any reason you cannot compete in The Callback, Ticket To Broadway will contact the fourth place contestant(s) to compete in The Callback. 

Note: A studio may only have one entry in the Novice level and Intermediate Level Callback Competitions. A studio may have multiple advanced entries in the Callback. However, a studio can only have one entry in each division.



Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis and are limited to performance time available.

The competition schedule and location will be sent to all dance studios approximately five to seven days before the competition date. If you cannot perform at your scheduled time, advise the backstage manager and the act will be moved.

All performers should be aware that there are events that Ticket To Broadway runs ahead of schedule. You must be prepared to perform 1 hour ahead of your scheduled timeIf a performance misses their time to perform, they will only be eligible for adjudication.


If you request that your act be taken out of age group for any reason - your act will be adjudicated by score and not placed within its age group. The act is then not eligible for any other awards. 

Studio Directors/Contestants give their permission to the directors of Ticket To Broadway to use their photographs or video of any act in connection with advertising, promotions or news coverage of our competitions without further authorization or compensation. Studio Directors/Participants are performing with the knowledge that the event is being videotaped and photographed. Those not wishing to be  videotaped have the option of not performing. In this situation, there will be no refunds. 

Trick Definition: A trick is defined by the feet completely passing over the head. A trick done as a group is counted as one trick. A pass of multiple tricks is counted as one trick.

Videotaping/Flash Photography: Unauthorized videotaping is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.  Flash photography is also prohibited at all times due to the danger it presents to the dancers and distraction to the audience.  Refusal to abide by any of the above rules may result in disqualification. Videotaping routines is prohibited as we do not own rights to choreography or music.

Adult Act: Any act in which 25% of the participants are 21 or older or any one participant is 21 or older and a full-time dance studio owner or dance teacher. An adult act can win the category but will not be eligible for top awards, e.g. in a duet, if a participant is 21 or older, it is an adult act. In a group, if one performer is 21 or over and a full-time owner or teacher then it is considered an adult act.

Only competitors, teachers, studio owners and prop coordinators are allowed backstage.

Soloists that choose to exit the stage prior to the conclusion to their solo will be eligible for adjudication only.

All competitors may only compete with one studio at an event. 

All competitors will be judged by a well-qualified panel of judges. All decisions are final.

Ticket To Broadway cannot enforce any plagiarism without proof of a piece of choreography being copy written. 

Ticket To Broadway dancers must wear proper footwear around the venue for safety reasons. 

Ticket To Broadway and the host venue are not responsible for any lost personal property or injury during the event. By registering your dancer/child, you agree that Ticket to Broadway and staff are not responsible for any lost property or injury during the event.

Smoking, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are prohibited around the competition area.  

Failure to comply with these rules can result in point deductions or disqualification. It is the responsibility of the studio owner/teacher to review the rules and regulations with both the participants and their parents. 

All entry fees are non refundable. 

Ticket To Broadway reserves the right to cancel any events due to inclement weather, lack of registrations or any other unforeseen circumstances. Registration fees will be refunded in this instance. Ticket To Broadway reserves the right to change any event location, venue or date. Registration fees will not be refunded in this instance.