Ticket To Broadway has been celebrating dance for 20 years and is known for holding organized, fair, fun & energetic competitions in cities up & down the east coast. TTB prides itself on providing a family-friendly and performer-friendly environment for studio directors, performers and their families. TTB is committed to providing dancers a well-rounded, positive and exciting atmosphere while delivering encouraging, constructive criticism & building self-esteem and confidence.


As of 2018, Directors Joel Kamensky & Lori Brown became the new owners and directors of Ticket To Broadway. Entering in to their 3rd season, they are more excited than ever to continue to improve the quality of the TTB events, as well as the education TTB provides to it’s performers. The mission of Ticket to Broadway is to create a stress-free environment for dance teams to come together as one and celebrate the art of dance.



Dancers must not train more than 3 hours per week. The Novice level is eligible for adjudication awards, category placement awards and overall placement in the Novice level only.


Dancers should train less than 6 hours per week. The Intermediate level is eligible for adjudication awards, category placements and overall placement in the Intermediate level only. TTB Cash will be awarded to the Intermediate Level.


Dancers must train 6+ hours per week. The Advanced level is eligible for adjudication awards, category placement, overall placement in the Advanced level, Judge's Choice awards, Top Billing, Miss/Mr Broadway title & Golden Ticket to Broadway.